Just in Case:

CH PHI TrainingOne of the attractions of Concho Hills Guest Ranch is that we are remotely located, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life and lights.  One reason people come here is to experience a more simple, yet active, lifestyle “away from it all.”

Most of us don’t like to consider the consequences of a serious accident or occurrence of a serious illness.  However, serious accidents and illnesses can happen and it could take over three hours to transport a person by road to a local hospital and over five hours to a large hospital in Albuquerque.  Depending upon the circumstances, more rapid transportation to a care facility could minimize complications or save one’s life.  Air ambulance service is available in our area, but air transportation cost is very significant.

We would like our guest to review their health insurance and verify its coverage of Air Ambulance service.  If your medical insurance does not cover air transportation, or if the deductible is high, Concho Hills Guest Ranch can help our guests obtain air ambulance insurance.  Air ambulance Insurance may be available through PHI for an entire family for approximately $40.00 a year (fees determined and controlled by PHI).  This insurance would be valid in any PHI service area.  See www.phicares.com .

We all hope the need for this service is never required and will do our best to ensure it isn’t needed.  However, we believe it is best to insure against such an occurrence and its associated bills.