History   “That’s why they call it the Old West”


Where Adventure and History Merge–Concho Hills Guest Ranch


Part of the adventure at Concho Hills is being at the places where people, like you, have performed or caused events significant to us in the present.   Be they famous, or infamous, or perhaps just people taking risks and enduring hardships we admire, the area around Concho Hills is where many people, lived, struggled, fought, and died passing their stories, lessons, and traditions down to us. We hope you will enjoy sharing this heritage with us at Concho Hills Guest Ranch.   In these pages we will give a glimpse of some of the people, places, and events that made this area notable in western history.  Ride where they rode, and stand where they lived.  Imagine what it must have been like in those times!

This effort will be a continuing process.  Items will be added as time allows. Just click on a person, place or event below to be taken to a description page.  Enjoy! Note:  Many of the photographs on these pages will be from the J.E. Smith Collection.   Prints of these photographs are available in varying sizes, on archival paper or canvas, from The Alamo Gallery and Gifts in Socorro, New Mexico or from Concho Hills Guest Ranch.


Joe Fowler

Frank G. Bartlett

Captain Jack Crawford


Magdalena Railroad

Last Cattle Drive