Some say our ranch setting is so pretty, they’d sleep under the stars.

Stary Night

We think you’ll be more comfortable after a warm bath/shower in one of our climate controlled, newly constructed, guest rooms.


Come in and take a look at your lodging!

Guests Quarters

Door Branded Bar B

Branded Doors

The first thing you will notice is that the doors of our guest rooms are branded, some with local ranch brands. This room is the “bar B”.

Why do ranchers brand cattle? branding-ironSo we can tell, at a glance, which ones are ours and which ones are our neighbors. Seeing as how they pretty much all look alike.

* All rooms are non-smoking and all bedrooms have a peaceful view of the plains and mountains, to the west.

Antique Furnishings

In keeping with our “turn of the century” ranch feel, our guest rooms are furnished with antiques. Several pieces are over a hundred years old. But not to worry, we do have modern conveniences to go along with furnishings from the past. Each room has its own heating and air conditioning controls, modern toilets, and plenty of LED lighting.

Antique Guest Room Furnishings
Antique Twin Beds

Each Room is Unique

Each of our guest rooms has its own style.

Although the bed headboards and frames are antique, they have been converted to hold modern, comfortable queen-size mattresses.  Two rooms offer twin beds.

√  Pack light, bring fewer clothes.  A washer/dryer is available for guest use.

Ensuite Bathrooms

Each guest room has a private ensuite bathroom with skylight to brighten your mornings. Rooms have either a spacious, tiled, walk-in shower or two rooms are equipped with a tub-shower combination for a nice soak for easing those sore riding muscles.

Tiled Guest Room Shower

The Ranch House

Ranch House Fire Place


A few steps away, the adobe ranch house is always open for your enjoyment.

Relax around the fireplace, listen to western music, and socialize with other guests and staff.

The coffee is always on!


As in the guest rooms, much of the furniture in the ranch house was built before 1900.

Besides being comfortable and interesting, there is an added benefit to antiques: No matter how young, or old, our guests may be, there is always something in the room that is older!

Antique Sofa
Breakfast in the Ranch House


Family Style Dining

Fantastic food, laughter, and great conversations await you in our Dining Room/Kitchen.

Meals are served in the Dining Room/Kitchen or Outside around the covered grill.

Western Library

Our western library can take you back to a simpler, but more rugged time… Curl up with a good book, join those who settled this land so very long ago. Relax your tired muscles.

We specialize in books written in or about the area.

Western Books

Poker Pardner?

Perhaps enjoy a game of cards? Just beware of Aces & Eights!

Black Aces & Eights ~ purportedly the card hand held by Wild Bill Hickock, at the time of his death.

Deep Breath. You just entered a stress-free zone.

stress free

 View from six beautifully decorated guest rooms in a 2 million acre playground.