Western Ranching Works up a Powerful Appetite — Our meals fix that!


Kitchen at Concho Hills


Enjoying the horses and cattle, the mountains and plains ~ that fresh, country air and turquoise blue New Mexico skies… it sure can make you hungry! So, sit back & relax while the cook whips up terrific western ranch meals!

Good Mornings

Pour yourself a stout cup of cowboy coffee, relax by the fireplace, and chat with the other guests.

Might take your mind off the tantalizing aromas of pancakes, eggs and bacon cookin’ in the kitchen.  Breakfast is one of the guests’ favorite meals at the ranch.

Looking for lighter fare? Enjoy a homemade muffin, bagels, toast and jam. Or, yogurt, cereals, granola and fresh fruit.

With a breakfast meals as yummy as this… you’ll be set for a fun day in the saddle!

What’s for Lunch?

 Well, now… that depends on how much fun we’re having!  If it’s a full day in the saddle, we’ll pack a box lunch and have a picnic alongside the trail.

Most guests opt for a couple of shorter rides – with a stop back at the ranch house in between for lunch – the lunch menu varies from grilled burgers and brats, Mexican fare, or we’ll set out some sandwich fixings. Be sure to sample our homemade stews and chowders.

Chilie and Cornbread

What’s for Dinner?

Sometimes we’ll have steak and potatoes. Hey! We’re ranchers! We’re gonna eat beef! Other nights, we may enjoy grilled salmon and bourbon chicken. If the cook is feeling feisty, we might have Cajun shrimp & grits or a delightful Thai curry.

Our menus are varied. Our plan is that if one stays for two weeks, they will not have the same meal twice (unless requested).   Most meals are authentic, western family style recipes. (Yup ~ we can accommodate special diets, too. Just let us know, in advance.)


Spanish Influence

In addition to great western cowboy cooking, we love to share our Spanish heritage specialty meals. Such as hearty, green chili stew, posole, enchiladas, or – to die for – carne adovada with a side of calabacitas.

Homemade Apple Pie


Oh, yeah… And you best have two! It’s a well-known fact that nobody gains weight on a ranch vacation.

Western Family Style Setting

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are served western family-style, around a cozy table or tables, where you can get to know the other guests and share stories of the day’s adventures.


 It’s a tradition around these parts… to relax on the deck after chores are done. Soak in those amazing New Mexico sunsets while the cook prepares the nightly meal.

Note: Concho Hills Ranch does not have a liquor license and we will not be offering alcohol for sale.  However if you want to bring your favorite libation we can keep it cool or provide the ice for you. 

After Supper

After supper,  around a blazing campfire, we can share stories of the day’s activities, entertain each other with our personal experiences and talents, or just enjoy a little bit of star-gazing in the evening sky.

Sitting around the camfire after meals



Ranch-Style Cookin’