Specials for the Winter Season:

The first day of winter has come and gone and for us at Concho Hills. That means each day is getting longer and THAT means more time for riding!  Come and stay at Concho Hills Guest Ranch this winter and learn why Concho Hills has won DudeRanch.com’s award for Best Winter Guest Ranch since 2015.


Signature Ranch Award- Best Winter Ranch
Badger peaking from burrow.

Badger’s Day Special

We don’t have any wimpy ground hogs out here.  But we think it is unfair that ground hogs get so much attention.  Our badgers are bigger, meaner, and not as lazy (they don’t hibernate).  In short, badgers rule!   Badgers don’t worry about how long winter is, they tough it out.  Being very territorial they are known for their aggressiveness against intruders.  Although cute and furry, we wouldn’t recommend picking one up and petting it, but go ahead if you want to (some people ride bulls!).   So to honor our favorite varmint  on that other critter’s day, we will offer a 15% discount for anyone booking during the week of January 28th.  Who knows?  You just might get to meet a badger.

Tim and Marilyn

Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day is one of Tim and Marilyn’s favorite holidays.  Having fallen in love in 1995 they understand the importance of love, caring and commitment in a relationship.   To celebrate this day, Concho Hills is offering a 15% discount from our nightly rates for couples during the entire week of February 11th.   Come enjoy this special time with the person you care for and to whom you want to be your Valentine.

Horses make their own Valentine
Winter Ride through Golden Grass

Winter Riding at Concho Hills is Special

Winter’s crisp temperatures will bring out the layers of coats and fleece.  In the morning and evenings our wild rags will be tied close to the neck and loosened as the day warms up waiving like so many flags on the range.

Bright turquoise skies will predominate during the days of winter months.  The night skies are usually sharp and clear.  If it does snow (not a common occurance), it most likely will be an inch or two and then it usually melts by mid-day.

Winter Calving

We had a great Autumn, but very little moisture.   The bright green grass has changed to winter’s golden stems with seeds lying in wait for a little warmth and moisture.   The horses and cattle have put on their winter coats, and look very fuzzy.   The cows are pregnant and a couple have already calved which means we need to keep an eye out for the little ones.

Not too Cold!

So far, the winter has been very mild here, with the high temperature most days being in the 60s.  But we don’t predict the weather here, we just take it as it comes.  Hopefully we will have a little snow in January.  It usually melts off in a day or two giving us that much needed moisture.  We average 6.25 inches of snowfall for the entire month of January.

At Concho Hills, our temperatures are comfortable in the winter. In January (our coldest month), the daily average temperatures are in the upper 50s for the highs and mid 20s for the lows.

So come join us this winter.  Perhaps you will get to witness a new calf being born or at least watching the frisky critters on the range.

Terms for Specials

Specials * are discounted rates that apply to certain defined persons, or groups, for a specific period of time.  Discounter specials are posted for certain holidays or other events.   Specials are posted regularly, so check back often.

If anyone confirmed a booking for prior to a special being posted, then the special rate will be applied to anyone qualifying for the specified period.  So there is no reason not to confirm your stay, wondering if a future special might apply!

*Note:  All special rates are on a space available basis and no “rain checks” apply.