Veterans Day Special:

To honor our country and those who have fought to preserve it, Concho Hills is having a Veterans Day Special.  During the week of November 6th through 12th our rates will be reduced 20% to all U.S. military honorably and medically discharged veterans and active duty personnel and their families.



Autumn Riding is Special:


Autumn is here!  We had a great summer and the rains brought lots of grass for the cattle and game.   The bright green grass is changing to autumn’s golden stems with seed pods releasing the beginnings for next year’s growth.   The horses and cattle are already getting their winter coats growing in, and will soon look very fuzzy.


Autumn’s crisp temperatures will bring out the layers of vest and light jean jackets.  In the morning and evenings our wild rags will be tied close to the neck and loosened as the day warms up waiving like so many flags on the range.

Bright turquoise skies will predominate during the days of the autumn months.  The night skies will be sharp and clear.  If it does snow (rare until December or after), it most likely will be an inch or two and then it usually melts by mid-day.

All of our meals are prepared just like your mother did for or guests. It seems like the cooler weather really increases a cowboy’s or cowgirl’s appetite.

The cooks are more inclined to heat up the kitchen with baking in the fall and winter.  So fresh, bread, rolls, and deserts will be in the making.

Of course there will be hot chocolate to accompany the never empty cowboy coffee pot.

As the days grow shorter, Autumn offers time for evenings around the campfire and its warm glow.  Either inside, or outside, the fires offer comfort and opportunity to share the stories of the day’s activities and of our previous experiences and ideas.  Perhaps a song or two or even the tune of a harmonica may fill in the background amongst the conversation and crackle of the fire.


NOT TOO COLD!  At Concho Hills, our temperatures are comfortable in the fall. In November, the daily average temperatures are in the mid 60s for the highs and about freezing for the lows.

So come join us this autumn.  Perhaps you will get to participate in gathering cattle for shipping.  We can’t tell you when that will occur, it depends upon many things, particularly the market price.

Area Events this Autumn:

There are many things happening in New Mexico that are special.  Here we like to emphasize some local events that may be of interests to our guests. Some we can attend together or our guests may want to attend the event at either end of their stay at Concho Hills Guest Ranch.

Enchanted Skies Star Party

October 17th through the 21st .  The Enchanted Skies Star Party is a unique astronomy experience near Magdalena, NM. Our dark sky viewing can’t be beat. Registration to 125 people. The venue is in the Cibola National Forest, just outside the tiny town of Magdalena. The full 5-day/night program is designed for the serious amateur astronomer, and will include the popular VIP tours of the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array and the Magdalena Ridge Observatory and Interferometer. This year they will also be featuring a 2-day “Astronomy Camp” on Friday and Saturday designed for the novice amateur that will include lectures, assistance setting up your telescope and green laser sky tours and star stories.  For more information see: http://enchantedskies.org/

Festival of the Cranes

November 14-19, at Bosque del Apache, near Socorro NM.  The 28th Annual Festival of the Cranes is a celebration of the winter migration of the Sandhill cranes to the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.  Avid birders from around the world flock to the Refuge to view the spectacular exhibit of fowl.  For more information see: https://www.socorronm.org/events/festival-cranes

Specials * are discounted rates that apply to certain defined persons, or groups, for a specific period of time.  Specials are posted for certain holidays or other events.   Specials are posted regularly, so check back often.

If anyone confirmed a booking for prior to a special being posted, then the special rate will be applied to anyone qualifying for the specified period.  So there is no reason not to confirm your stay, wondering if a future special might apply!

*Note:  All special rates are on a space available basis and no “rain checks” apply.