The Ranch

Concho Hills Guest Ranch is located in southwest New Mexico, nestled in the foothills of New Mexico’s San Mateo Mountains, overlooking the San Agustin Plains.


Main Ranch House and Guests Rooms

In the heart of New Mexico ranchland, our location provides our guests the authentic western ranch experience.  Our altitude (7,400 feet) provides moderate temperatures, which means we have year around operations to meet your vacation needs.  The views are spectacular and the terrain varied including mountainous ponderosa forest, rocky canyons, to the flat plains of the high desert, where one can see for miles and miles.   Concho Hills is located in a historically rich part of the west, from prehistoric times of the Paleo-Indians, to the modern cowboy, this area is where the “old west” developed.  Far from the lights of the cities, our dark skies and remote area allow one to gaze upon the universe with wonder and listen, as the settlers did, to the animals of the open range.

Out of the Way, but Easy to Find

Our ranch is located 137 miles southwest from the Albuquerque Airport.  Far from the city noise and lights, out here you will enjoy the peacefulness of the open range.  The following directions will get one from Socorro, New Mexico to Concho Hills Guest Ranch!  (Note: One may choose to get fuel in Socorro as fuel is typically more expensive in Magdalena and Datil.)

  • The main road through Socorro is California Street.  Follow the signs to U.S. 60, which will have you turn west onto Spring Street.
  • Follow Spring Street 1/2 mile which ends in a 4-way stop.
  • Turn left onto U.S. 60 to Magdalena/Datil.
  • Stay on U.S. 60 west, through Magdalena, for 45.8 miles, to NM 52. (Just past mile marker 93 there is a large sign for the VLA Visitor Center.  That is NM 52.)
  • Turn left onto NM 52 for 13.2 miles. (NM 52 turns into a gravel/dirt road just past the VLA Visitor Center.)  Please carefully watch for cattle and wildlife from this point.
  • On the left will be a large sign for Concho Hills Ranch.
  • Turn left at the ranch sign and travel 1.5 miles and the ranch is at the end of the road.

Only Verizon cell phones work past U.S. 60 and NM 52 exit, and Verizon service is spotty near the ranch.

Map from Albuquerque to Concho Hills (Click to Enlarge)
Rain on the Plains (click to enlarge)

Great Weather – Moderate Temperatures!

Compared to other areas in the southwest (and the U.S.), the weather around Concho Hills is great!  Our high desert location provides us with moderate temperatures.  Our hottest summer weather is usually in July with an average high temperature of 91 F and an average low of 60 F.  In winter weather, January is typically our coldest month with an average high temperature of 57 F and and average low of 25 F.

You may have heard of New Mexico’s monsoon season.  Don’t worry, it is nothing like the Pacific monsoon weather.  In the months of July to September we may get a little rain.  But with an average MONTHLY rain fall of 2.6 inches during the monsoons, there isn’t much to worry about.  That’s why we call it the high desert!

Historic!  Where the Old West Really Existed…

The plains are the basin of an ancient lake that existed from 26,000 years ago until about 5000 years ago.  Occupied for over 13,000 years, you can stand in caves occupied by Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago.  Their artifacts still abound here.

This area is where the Spanish Conquistadors explored and Spanish settlers named the nearby village, Magdalena.  Besides finding gold and silver, they found an area suitable to raise cattle and sheep.

Vacation where the Wild West existed!  Western icons like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Elfego Baca, Captain Jack Crawford, and the Apache Kid actually lived, worked, or rode here!

Come ride where the Apache Wars were fought.  Victorio, Nana, and Cochise lived and visited here.  See the only place where Geronimo was captured and where the famous Buffalo Soldiers served.

The Magdalena Mining District is where early prospectors found minerals such as gold, silver, zinc, lead, and smithsonite.  Mining towns sprang up and miners extracted the ore and the trains took it to Socorro.  Visit the sites of old mining towns like Kelly or nearby Chloride.

Click here to learn about some of the historic people, places, and events around Concho Hills Guest Ranch.

Captain Jack Crawford (Click to Enlarge)
Magdalena Stock Driveway (Click to Enlarge)

Cattle Country and the Magdalena Stock Driveway

Our ranch is located on part of the Magdalena Stock Driveway.  This historic cattle trail started in 1885, when the railroad spur to Magdalena was built.  Ranchers from all over western New Mexico and eastern Arizona started driving their herds of cattle and sheep to Magdalena for shipping.  Magdalena is where the WS Ranch drove their cattle with hands named Robert LeRoy Parker (Butch Cassidy) and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh (Sundance Kid).  The descendants of these historic ranchers still live here.  We’re home of the last U.S. cattle drive that occurred in the 1970’s.

Come stay with us and share in this incredible western heritage and tradition!

Fantastic Views and Sunsets…

We really enjoy the fantastic views and sunsets that our location provides.   The views change temperament with the seasons and time of day.  The sunsets provide us with the transition from a day of activities to reflection on good times and relaxation.

Sunset Across the Plains (click to enlarge)
Dark Skies at Concho Hills (click to enlarge)

The Gasp! What a Sky…

We really enjoy hearing “the Gasp.”  That is what happens when people see our dark skies for the first time.   Unblemished by city lights our evening sky is beautiful and one looks up to the milky way and watches the constellations, falling stars, and satellites cross overhead.   We don’t mind letting the fire burn down and turning off the house lights for this spectacle.